Monday, January 25, 2010

Giggles N Hugs!

One of my real life dolls (we call her Mini Cakes, pictured above) turned ONE on Saturday and we had a such fun-filled kid day. We spent the early afternoon at the local park where everyone was out since the sun finally appeared!
All the dads were out and goofing around
and making a big ruckus.

Then for dinner we went to this neat kids restaurant called Giggles N Hugs located in West Los Angeles. It is not surprising that the little ladies LOVED it and my older girl (Princess LaLa, pictured above) cried when it was time to go. The food is a bit pricey but we stuck to the safe bets. Mac N Cheese for the kids, I got the chicken Panini and Mr. Dollface got the Chicken Burger. The separate play area had a jungle gym, a few slides of different sizes, some play sets such as a kitchen, a clubhouse and a "makeup" table. The place had a lot of other toys and little bikes, and horseys as well. It also has WIFI for the adults, oh and a video game system. If you don't mind the jungle of kids and the pricey-ness then it is a good time to be had by all and a good place to wear out the kiddies.

After the restaurant fun we picked up a big red velvet cupcake for my little doll...She now understands that birthdays are so much fun!

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