Tuesday, January 26, 2010

One Lump or Two?

It is about to rain again and I'm stuck in the dollhouse doing some doll-sitting (babysitting), which means all I can do is daydream about tea time...(sigh) It has been awhile since Best Friend and I had tea together...and shes feeling under the weather as well. Looking at teapots all morning has lifted my spirits and I thought I share with you this charming set...

Tea Set Red Toile...found browsing Teapots and More
I do have some cucumbers and cream cheese and some soft
white bread,perhaps I will settle myself for
tea with my dolls today.

update: I just heard that my mummy is visiting and bringing Chinese dim sum which is just as yummy as English style tea!

Sweet Pork Buns and Custard Tarts are scrumptious with a cup of piping hot Black Tea

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