Thursday, February 4, 2010

Not one but TWO Strawberry Cakes

I had to make not one but 2 strawberry cakes...

I tried to get a picture of them before they got eaten... too late.

Its another "petite sandwiches" theme this year.

For my 2 little doll's joint birthday party the invitation said, "endless desserts" so I had to deliver. I made 2 strawberry cakes, chocolate chip fudge cupcakes, a variety of cookies and other scrumptiousness. I went with the 2 strawberry cakes instead of a different cake because when you have two little girls, they have to have matching everything or someone gets upset and throws a tantrum!
The sandwiches menu included the classic PB&J, organic turkey and provelone cheese, roast beef and blue cheese and a spicy buffalo chicken on roll. Throw in a couple fancy pizzas and we had a party!
My Mini cakes enjoyed her big yummy cake!

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