Monday, May 24, 2010

Best Friends Forever

Last week Best Friend and I celebrated our Best Friend Anniversary. We met in Junior high and became Best Friends when we were High School Freshmans. To celebrate, we had Afternoon Tea at the Huntington Tea Room, my favorite tea place of all time.

We sat in the Herb Room by the window which overlooks the herb garden.

I should have taken more pictures of the delicious petite sandwiches but I was too busy eating them. Why is this tea room my favorite? It is all you can eat!

At least I remembered to get a photo of the yummy desserts.

The first time I saw my Best Friend she sat behind me in P.E. She had on thick braces and coke bottle glasses. She was shy.

It was a perfect match because I like to jibber jabber and eventually she opened up.

The day we decided to be best friends, we bought a cheap heart charm that with the words Best Friend inscribed on it that we can split in half. Though I have no idea what happened to that crappy charm, every year we celebrate that day and I feel so lucky to have
a Best Friend to go through life with.

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