Saturday, May 15, 2010

I still love Mc Donalds

My grandpa used to take us (me, my little brother and sister) to Mc Donalds and it would be such a treat. He is the kind of man that wears tweed suits with a tweed cap. He likes his vegetables steamed and bland and eats at exactly the same time everyday and drinks his carrot juice as his youth elixer...but his one vice is that he loves Mc Donalds and for me going to MC D's with Grandpa was special because he was a busy man with many many grand children. (and I really do mean MANY)

So it is no surprise that I still LOVE Mc Donalds! Yes, I've seen "Supersize Me" and maybe its not PC anymore to love places that serve foods laden with fat but it is so much fun to swing by the drive-thru after the park with the kiddies and grab a Filet O Fish, apple pie, some fries, Chicky Nuggies (as we call em) or my favorite...the Soft Serve. YUM.

Back when me and best friend used to ditch high school guess where we'd end up. You know it. Back then it cheeseburger Happy Meals for us. During my pregnancies I lived on Hot Cakes and Sausage platters. I guess I needed the 700+ calories.

I admit I do feel a slight guilt going there and I try not to toooo much and I like to tell myself that the soft serve is low fat and has only 140 calories! But as soon as I take that bite the guilt just sorta melts away.

Oh and Grandpa will be 93 this year and he still loves Mc Donalds. By love I mean he goes there EVERYDAY. His thing is to go to various Mc Donalds in the city and makes my aunts and uncles (the adults we call them) take him there and you often see the "adults" wiping the mayo off their sandwiches. He is so happy when he goes there and so they just let him. Forget the health concerns, he is 93! He rolls in there with tweed get-up and is like a big kid again eating his Filet O Fish and Apple Pie. Maybe it is the Mc Donalds that is his elixer of youth.

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  1. What a lovely story! Must admit I do have a weakness for McDonald's too - their milkshakes are so nice :)