Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Missin You

Back before the man, the kids & the dogs, the Cat (!)...I used to have all this glorious time. It was time spent painting away, in fine detail, layer by layer in oil paints. First the mood was set with some romantic yet melancholy music. Then I would prepare the canvas with 3 coats of gesso, each coat sanded into a smooth porcelain finish, then 7 layers of translucent glazes...oils laid on on top of each other to produce a feast for the eyes...each layer would take at least a week to dry. A painting would be worked on for months. The result would be a painting that holds light that creates an optical illusion of luminosity...like a jewel to be treasured for all eternity.

Well that was then. Nowadays I'm lucky to be able to check my email and blog a bit. Or pee. But I do miss oil painting so much. I love the look I am getting with my digital paintings. Acrylics will do but it just doesn't have that smooth jewel-like look that lasts centuries–paintings in museums...all done in oils. In fact oil paintings only get better over time because it is ever changing and becoming more translucent over time. Hence my conflict-TIME. It takes much time to create. Time to dry. Maybe someday I can get back to it...in the meantime feast your eyes on these oldies but goodies.

I know I know, these paintings aren't exactly going to make it into the Louvre

The idea of painting something that isn't a little mischievous would be so BORING!

The following are some trouble making teenage dollfaced oil paintings

The detail is in the dollface!

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