Monday, May 17, 2010

Testing out the new camera...again.

I have some kind of problem where cameras just don't work for me. Let me rephrase this better: I have a problem where I kill cameras. This is my 3rd camera in 3 months! Before that I had this trusty old HP camera 5 megapixels model that I kept buying. The initial one I think came off the back of a truck because I bought it cheap from somebody at the factory where I worked who got it from his cousin's friends' brother from Mexico, or something. It never really worked and every picture I took turned out red. Then I bought a re-burbished version from the manufacturer that I messed it up taking it on a horseback riding tour in Ireland. Too much bouncing around I guess. 3rd time I dropped it and the lens wouldn't open up. Then recently I got myself a small little Canon Powershot and it only lasted a couple of weeks. It flew out of my hands twice, dropped a few times and finally died because my hand got in the way when the lens was extending. Then I borrowed the Mister's nice Olympus SLR and I tripped the tripod the 2nd day of the loan and ruined his lens. (He took that camera across country for 3 months without a scratch). He said he'd buy me the "camera of my dreams" for my birthday present but you know, I'm not sure I should handle a camera that isn't shock proof and maybe wearing a bullet proof vest. So I was looking for something that is decent enough but not really that great and inexpensive. So I went to ebay and found this 10 mega pixel Nikon CoolPixL100 for a great price. I bid on it and got it for $150 incl shipping which is not bad. It is last years model and refurbished but was used as a salesman demo. So here are a couple of close ups. Not too grainy, check. Macro function, good. Creepy doll factor, yep. I'd say I'm happy with my purchase thus far.

We shall see how long this lasts. I also have problems where I keep ruining hard drives and things disappear of my memory cards for no reason but that is for another post.

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