Friday, June 11, 2010

Somewhere a Cat is Waiting

This painting was inspired by my beloved cat Coco who no longer walks this earth plane. He was my dearest and loyal cat. All black... he was a skinny flea bag kitten who I adopted from a lady in front of the grocery store. She had 4 all black kittens and Coco was the runt of the litter but grew to be big and healthy with a luxurious coat of shiny black fur. He was loving and hug-able!

This is my actual amulet and locket of Coco with bits of his hair on the other side.

Loosing him was rather depressing...This book by Derek Tangye "Somewhere a Cat is Waiting" helped me get through the loss. A wonderful book about life with cats and the lessons they can teach us about life and loss. And exactly a month after Coco passed a cat was waiting for me. I was on a temporary assignment at Disney Studios and a coworker suggested I accompany her to the pet store. There sat in a cage was a big beautiful tom cat, with gray striped markings, white paws and green eyes. He was left in a box that morning. He left with me that day. He was big and hug-able! ...That was 9 years ago and he is curled up under my desk as I type. I have no idea how old he really is, but he has lost his girth over the years so I am guessing he is elderly now. He has grown a bit ornery but I need to remind myself that he is really is a good cat and I must be
sweeter to him.

Oliver, doing what he does best.
I often think about my Coco. Cats are magical creatures so Im sure that he is with me at times...well...that topic is for another post.

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