Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Summer Containers

Summer is almost here and I picked up a couple of young plants for my containers. The squash decided to flower this week.

I am using a self watering technique with a water bottle. Cut the bottle, turn it upside down, cut some drainage holes and create a water tray and there you have it. The container is not very handsome but you can always dress it up by putting it in a fancy pot.

The strawberry is next on the transplant list.
The youngsters happily in their previous little seedling pots.

I enjoy container gardening. It is a great way to grow something if you are short on space and the soil is suspect (or if you have 2 untrustworthy mongrels). I actually like to visit with the plants and water them daily, but in case I am busy painting away and forget a day, the self watering container is a real prince.

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