Saturday, June 26, 2010

When Insomnia Hits

The really cool thing about insomnia is not only do I get all this extra time in my life, I am super productive as well! Here are some drawings done in the wee hours of the night, somewhere between 1-4:30am...

But this is how I feel the next day, sorta seeing in 3d but without the glasses...with 5 hours of sleep every night.

I can get a bit grouchy the next would too if your balloons were minuscule.

Is it wrong that these faces are inspired by my kid? (she is 3 years old)

Don't ask me how I can draw such a happy image when feeling sorta zombie-ish.

As I was drawing I also was watching "The Alaska Experiment, Out of the Wild" and got totally addicted to this series on Netflix...about surviving in the wilderness....where the people were starving and eating mice and squirrels and porcupine.

Hope you enjoyed the work of an insomniac...lets see what I come up with tonight/tomorning!


  1. nice stuff, i really like the one with 3-D glasses

  2. i am really impressed that you can even take a pen in you hand when you can sleep. i always just crawl to the fridge and drink bottle of milk and then wonder why i have a stomach ache haha

  3. was it also that warm over there? cause i also slept till noon yesterday cause the warmth was like a blanket around me and i just could have been keep sleeping..crazy stuff!

  4. Very impressed by how productive you are in the middle of the night. I have insomnia as well, but I just lay there.....and ponder.