Monday, September 27, 2010

Small Gift Big Smiles

The power of Hello Kitty never ceases to amaze me. I took my child, Lil Dollface who is 3 years 8 months old to the mall today and while we were eating lunch at the food court she spots the Sanrio store from afar. The store was as a magnet, whispering to her, come in come in... (while it said to me, spend money, spend money...)

The minute we walked into the store Lil Dollface eyes lit up like Ive never seen before and giggles ensued. It was amazing. She wanted to touch everything, and of course wanted me to buy everything. I had to admit the magic of Hello kitty worked on me too, as I perused the shelves it brought back memories of Junior high and friendships past when my tween friends and I got dropped of at the mall and went straight for the Sanrio store and bought each other little wallets, erasers, gum. I was definitely a Hello Kitty girl. Oh Little Twin Stars and My Melody weren't bad but how can anyone resist that white kitty face?

So we left the store with a bunch of little gifts that brought such childish pleasures to my daughter. It was so much fun. I relished in the fact that being a parent is a great opportunity to still love Hello Kitty.

ps: I bought Lil Dollface Hello Kitty pencil case, pen, temporary tattoos, a lollipop and couple of note pads. I spent $20 bucks which isnt bad at all and totally worth all the smiles. Oh and I really wanted


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