Saturday, June 25, 2011

Painting with Paint

I started painting again last week. With actual paint! I found it totally unacceptable that I have been working so much on the computer (those nasty 12 hour days at my day job) and decided to do some lil' paintings the old fashioned way. I'm going to make it a regular habit, try and fit in some time to pick up a paint brush and push some paint around! I actually started this practice in 2008 where I would just paint quite ordinary everyday stuff, in a loose and expressive way. I would limit the painting time to about an hour and force myself to stop. The process is not to mimmick reality and overdo the detail but rather see the object in a different way and paint an impression of it. It is a really eye-opening zen like process for painters like me who tend to work and rework a painting until it looked "perfect". Well here is the first of the new stuff. I will be posting more paintings from 2008 and perhaps after I get my creative mojo on, will get back to Dollface LaLa doodles.

PS: this Orange Crush bottle has been sitting near my desk (waiting to be painted) for the last 2 years!

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